Oratorio per Eva

year 2014 duration 60'

Transiti Humanitatis #2

new creation
worldpremière 3 December 2014
Odeon Theatre, Vienna – for Impulstanz Specials

Within the project Transiti Humanitatis, Roberto Zappalà dedicated the creation Oratorio per Eva especially to Eve, symbolic figure par excellence. The biblical Eve, first woman and mother of humanity, seamlessly turns into the dancer who brings her to life and thus into a woman of today. She is telling her story; a tale, which mirrors our basic condition of daily violence, which is still not reconciled.

an ideo by Nello Calabrò and Roberto Zappalà
choreography and direction  Roberto Zappalà

original music Giovanni Seminerio
other music Claudio Monteverdi, Madrigali (dal libro II “Non si levava ancora l’alba novella”, “E dicea l’una sospirando allora” ,“Non m’è grave il morir”)

dance and collaboration Maud de la Purification
at the violin Giovanni Seminerio
voices Quintetto Zefiro
and also ten passing bodies on stage

lights, set and costumes Roberto Zappalà
set and costumes realizazion Debora Privitera
photos Lorenzo Gatto

the project Transiti Humanitatis is a production
compagnia zappalà danza – Scenario Pubblico international choreographic centre Sicily
in collaboration with
Impulstanz (Vienna)
Teatro Garibaldi/Unione dei Teatri d’Europa (Palermo)
Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
Teatro Massimo Bellini Catania

Oratorio per Eva (Oratory for Eve) follows Invenzioni a tre voci in the project Transiti Humanitatis and is the next step of a journey that will culminate in the production I am beautiful at the beginning of 2016.

This is a creation, for one dancer, violin, a Baroque voice ensemble and ten amateurs selected from the audience. The transit of the title starts from an honest and open reformulation of an old project on the suffering of the body, approached from a new angle and perspective, both scenic and conceptual.
With the figure of Eve, simultaneously a biblical character and emblematic first lady, dancer and modern woman, we aim to tell the story of a birth that represents suffering and liberation, pain and awareness, beauty and self-affirmation. It is a step towards tracing a fundamental aspect of humanity and its beauty.
This is a birth that leads from paradise to the chaos of humanity, in a second-degree genesis where the true birth of Eve and humanity happens after she is driven from the garden of Eden. It is awareness, words and stories.
The dance appropriates the words of Mark Twain in Eve’s Diary, and these words blend imperceptibly into the words of the dancer/interpreter, incorporating them, turning them into a body in motion.
Through a dance that is angular but tender, sweet but violent, we discover bewilderment and fears, doubts and certainties that are both symbolic and real. which are transfigured within the dancer representing her and within the woman, every woman. In each of us.