year 2017 duration 50'


ON TIME project arises from the need to look deeply at “time”, one of the fundamental and essential factors of movement. Inspired by different theories from Philosophy, Music, Physics, the research aims to recreate with the bodies reflections related to temporality, duration, rythm, existence time. The process follows a sort of scientific path so that the manipulation of the movement parameters (directly and undirectly connected to time) can cause effects on the perception of who is in action and who is looking at the action. The final point of the research is to understand and to see how an “objective and aseptic” work can evoke suggestions in an “imaginary style under scientific surveillance”. The project is articulated in different phases to investigate the possibilities and the answers about the same theme subjects from ontologically, culturally, numerically different bodies and minds.
The protagonists of the first step are very young performers (and young musicians where it is possible): their “human” response to the tasks will lead all the choises about the final performance without a priori decisions.
The second step is a “tête à tête” movement-sound between the author and the musician-composer-researcher Carlo Condarelli, a sort of dialogue about Time between a sound-playing body and a dancing sound. From a state of presence and listening between bodies generating motion and sound, the two performers on stage create actions, images, suggestions and reflections on Time resonant in the space.
ON TIME EVENING includes the performances coming from the two different steps of the project (ON TIME#1 always partially changes in relation to the results of the laboratory done in the place which hosts the project).


-performers 8-14 years old (max 12 persone): 15 rehearsels days (4 hours) + 1/2 audition days + performance/s
The selection among the dance schools of the hosting territory follows these criteria:
-strong sense of rythm
-inclination to guided improvisation
-learning ability of movement sequences

-musicians (percussions e voices) 18-25 years old (no more than 3 people will be chosen and if all the criteria are not satisfied the choreographer can decide to don’t choose anybody): 1 audition day + 7 rehearsel days + performance/s.
The selection among the dance schools of the hosting territory follows these criteria:
-good inclination to improvise
-learning ability
-executive precision
-capability in comprehension of movement and musical composition related to it

Duration whole evening: 50 minutes + little break
Duration ON TIME#1: 25 minutes
Duration ON TIME#2: 25 minutes