year 2002 duration 55'
choreography and direction Roberto Zappalà
music Steve Reich (remixed), Gianluigi Trovesi, Nello Toscano, Junkie XL, Aphex Twin
performer roberto zappalà
with the collaboration of linda magnifico
video layout giuseppe parito
videoediting and video noise ethical bros
set and cotumes roberto zappalà
text raffaele marmo
light design marco policastro
sund engineer gaetano leonardi
a coproduction by compagnia zappalà danza-Reggio Emilia Danza-Scenario Pubblico
première: 15/16 giugno Reggio Emilia Danza Festival
A solo- performance by Roberto Zappalà inspired by a book/conversation by the late Enzo Aprea, writer and journalist, who was confined on a wheelchair after the amputation of an arm and a leg as a result of the very rare Buerger’s disease. The “discomfort” of the body is the central theme of the performance, which tries to explore and give a sense to the numerous contradictions that characterise social comportment in the light of the new cultural and technological orientations concerning the theme of “body” and in relation to its modifications. In addition, the theme has offered a point of reflection on dancing itself, on its languages and on its unconscious discrimination
OB/SOL.um, contrary to what the title might suggest, is a deeply vital performance. It finds its energy in that sentiment of redemption which moves towards the necessity and the desire to emancipate oneself from every condition which generates discomfort.
The “insolent” choreographer , even if helped by his assistant and dancer Linda Magnifico, finds himself alone in giving form and movement to his own dynamic instinctive impulses in the desire to exceed the limits of a body which is probably no longer able to second them.
However the Company will participate in the “realization” of the project and will be “virtually” present on stage as a video protagonist offering scenery and narrative frame.