year 2023 duration 5'


projects designed for ScenarioFarm, at Farm Cultural Park (Favara AG)

Farm Cultural Park is an extraordinary  space of cultural aggregation that has been transformed from an abandoned place into a pulpit in continuous and contagious propagation. Seven small interconnected courtyards house a series of small palaces and hide some small but wonderful gardens of Arab origin. A disruptive cultural programming characterized the first four years of Farm Cultural Park’s life. Every four months it is possible to visit new temporary exhibitions, meet in residences for artists, participate in workshops and activities also with young people and children and much more. In this context, ScenarioFarm is located, a place designed by Scenario Pubblico and Roberto Zappalà and dedicated to video dance, video makers’ residencies and small-format live performances. The Nanobox is dedicated to nano performances, live dancing works in a one-to-one artist/spectator version. The idea is that of a hot showcase like you see in Amsterdam but for sale is not the body, but the art of the dancer, in a direct exchange of beauty. About five minutes (replicable), for an extremely intense moment dedicated to a single spectator who then becomes part of the performance itself.

The pieces created by CZD2 dancers for the NanoFestival 2023

“Say, do, dance, letter, will”
playful/interactive performance
From Game to performance: commas are transformed into adverbial bridges that join five different paths in a single sensory journey that activates memories, evokes past, present and future sensations. A different version from the one we remember as the result of both the choices made *by the inhabitants of the Nanobox* (spectator and performer) and of chance.

MELANIA CAGGEGI “Meat body or mineral body?”

“I feel all the weight of this earth upon me,
I count the marks on my skin,
dark gray particles caress
joints, muscles, bones.
Are you nature or are we nature together?
Constantly searching for the meaning of owning a body.”

PAOLA TOSTO “Dialogue in motion”
The performance escapes conventional boundaries, introducing a rendered tangible dialogue
possible by a common thread that connects the two protagonists – the spectator and the dancer – creating
a fluid and dynamic relationship that questions their traditional roles.

No Sharing Disco is a performance in which the dancer, listening to loud music
volume through a pair of headphones, he isolates himself in her world, in his comfort zone, in one
partially shared personal dance. Through the absence of sound, which will be emitted
solely in the headphones of the performer, the spectator, invited into this intimate moment, will be
placed in an ambiguous situation: he will feel part of this comfort zone or a visitor

Fritto Misto, is a performance in which the dancer mixes different styles of movement, in
a thickening of ideas and visual suggestions of an everyday nature.
the spectator is thus involved in a bulimic and confusing dance, just like fried food

WALTER MAZZEI “Something that (doesn’t) make sense”

“Something that (doesn’t) make sense” is a small study in the form of a site-specific performance, which starts from a reflection, “does there really exist something that makes sense to be represented and something that doesn’t? Can everything be called art if human creativity is added to it, or not?” I asked myself this question several times and the main focus
is to understand if there are subjects of series A and subjects of series B, and so, to understand di
consequence, whether in life as in art there are favorite paths or not. All this in the end
it can also be taken only as a trivial pretext to do “something that doesn’t make sense”.