Melting Pot

year 2024 duration 60'

Direction and choreography: Roberto Zappalà

Music: Puccio Castrogiovanni, Frédéric Chopin, Lautari, Gustav Mahler, Salvo Farruggio

Artistic coordination: Silvia Oteri and Fernando Roldan Ferrer

Dancers compagniazappalàdanza2

Technical direction: Sammy Torrisi

Production by Scenario Pubblico| Compagnia Zappalà Danza . Centro di Rilevante Interesse Nazionale in collaboration with Asti Teatro Festival and Centro Coreografico Nazionale/Aterballetto with the support of MIC Ministry of Culture and Regione Siciliana Department of Tourism, Sport and Entertainment


Melting Pot is a work which, as the title suggests, brings togethe in an original composition fragments of different creations created over time by Roberto Zappalà. In particular, sequences are included from “74bpm” taken from “I am beautiful” (2016), “24 préludes” (2007) and “Mediterraneo” (2001) – all productions for his company – “I ‘m a good cook. Spaghetti anybody?”, a creation created in 2004 for the Swedish company Norrdans, and “sud-virus”, commissioned by the Goteborg Ballet in 2011. Within this mix of choreographies that have marked his creative journey, the choreographer will also create a unpublished part, specially conceived for this creation.

The main idea is to emancipate the work, constantly questioning it through new choreographic interventions designed for the dancers of the moment.

A ‘melting pot’ always in work in progress.

“In addition to developing new parts, some scenes from old works were recovered and reworked, bringing a new and fresh gesture, the result of a renewed physical comparison. Visionary images, interrupted spaces, poetic gestures to follow a path made of gestural measurement but also of its opposite. A summary born a few years ago but which with each take is drained of the past and flooded with the future.” Roberto Zappalà



A new chapter begins for CZD2. The main objective will be to focus on the preservation of the repertoire of  Compagnia Zappalà Danza.

The reflection that Roberto Zappalà has been carrying out for a certain period will find concreteness in the learning, development, and finally in the staging of the large, medium and small historical productions of the choreographer’s repertoire.

The importance of the repertoire in the context of dance at a national and international level is a theme to which Zappalà has dedicated his attention for many years. This dedication does not only concern the conservation of his works, but is aimed at all contemporary choreography, which over time has proven to be a research tool and authentic representation of the thought of each individual choreographer.

In recent years, CZD2 has demonstrated considerable maturity and has been constantly enriched by the presence of dancers of the new generations, in possession of excellent technical qualities as well as creative sensitivity, with a marked predisposition to the MoDem language, a language that represents the essence of the poetics of Roberto Zappalà. And it is precisely these qualities that today lead CZD2 to take on the important task of preserving and keeping alive the choreographer’s repertoire.