year 2001 duration 70'
choreography and direction Roberto Zappalà
music Antonio Breschi, Kunsertu, Steve Reich, The Klezmatics
costumes Sabina Piccione / scenes Giuseppe Parito / text Nello Calabrò
light design Marco Policastro
a coproduction compagnia zappalà danza – Teatro A.Ponchielli di Cremona – Città di Catania
in collaboration with Scenario Pubblico performing arts
“Mediterraneo l.a.s.d.f” is a journey which, in this place of all places for Antonomasia, “short-circuits” imaginary journeys, situations and environments, thoughts and visions, tongues and languages. With a contrasting visual-sonorous note, an attempt is made to render the magmatic and dramatic aspects, the contradictions in each case, of the “mare nostrum” crossroad of opposition and affinity, alternating, amongst other things, between an Arab dirge, a rap in Catanese , a traditional flamenco, the minimalism of Steve Reich, and the constitution and and the abstraction of the dancing, the narration of the spoken language.
The Mediterranean as a geographical area and mentally visualised in its historic timelessness and what it has become today. A world (a cosmos), tangible, perhaps more than in accomplished speeches and in historic-critical essay, from unspoken presentation of the dance being at the same time abstract and a narrative evoker of images as well as being rich in suggestions.