year 2019 duration 60'



dance and choreography: Giovanni Scarcella  | music (live):  Gianni Gebbia (sax, electronics) | costumes and set assistantMela Dell’Erba | a production by: Objet-a , Ass. Centrale Mediterra, Scenario Pubblico Centro Nazionale di Produzione della Danza | in residence at: Centro Culturale Garcia Lorca (Brussels)

Gold is a performance based on the complex suggestions coming from the gold element.

Gold crosses historical epochs with complex and overwhelming passages between vitality and power, gravity and antigravity, luxury and misery and today between evolution and misery as it clear from the use of golden polyethylene fabric on one side, silver on the other that is used in the rescue of refugees and simultaneously in space exploration and in more advanced satellites and machineries.

The sun / Gold protects and recalls its Moon / silver complement in a dialectic that has seen the clash of silver conquistadors in front of gilded Indians in the legendary and tragic search for the Eldorado. But what is the Eldorado research today? Can gold resume its own light that is not only that of blind power? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves in the course of our work. GOLD strongly recalls the unequivocal crisis of our times, because perhaps we find ourselves hovering between two shores, in that transit area where two forces persist parallel, that of relapse and that of a push to overcome … of a mystified modern slavery and a new evolutionary potential to be taken up to the end. An alchemic transformation, a metaphor that “from lead to gold”, from misery and heaviness on the one hand and development and abundance on the other. An invitation to look out and reflect in these two aspects, on the one hand gold and on the other silver and let the two metals produce vibration and resonate with each of us.