year 2020 duration 60'

CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza

direction and choreography: Ilenia Romano | dancers: CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza |

coproduction: Scenario Pubblico/Compagnia Zappalà Danza and Milanoltre Festival (Milan) with the support of MIBACT and Regione Siciliana Ass.to del Turismo, Sport e Spettacolo

“Who’s guilty? Maybe you!”… The search for a culprit in a phenomenon that does not have a culprit, but that is a system of “sick” actions, reactions and not actions.

“Bull@proof” is a show that, without aiming for a “common morality” as a mild solution to the phenomenon of bullying, highlights the relational aspects of groups and individuals within a fluctuation of roles in which each does not he’s never just a bully or just a victim or just a witness, but he finds himself playing a different position every time.

Ilenia Romano, choreographer associated with our Center Scenario Pubblico, was invited by Roberto Zappalà to create a new creation for CZD2 giovane compagnia zappalà danza, addressed to the younger audience to address the issue of bullying. The project stems from the need of the choreographer to have an active role through art in the current socio-cultural context. Wanting to recreate body images that are the result of reflections on bullying is a way to talk to young people and adults about something that directly concerns them: from bullying in schools, to hazing and bullying in work contexts, to cyberbullying “in the world” ; all phenomena of violent social behavior on a physical and psychological level towards people considered to be weaker for some reason. The starting point of the project is the iron conviction in the power of transformation and education that Art exercises on people: through Beauty, if you learn to recognize it, you can evolve. The Dance can be an extremely powerful instrument, it can reach anyone through vibrations and channels that reach directly to the belly of the observer, also and above all to the new generations, receptors and donors of critical stimuli. The show certainly does not presume to indicate what is good and what is bad, what is right and wrong; what we intend to bring to the stage is something that cripples situations, conditions, feelings and above all physical sensations in an avalutative way, to make them recognizable through an empathic vision.


Ticket price: full €10 – reduced €8