Apre’s-midi d’un faune

year 1993 duration 12'
choreography Roberto Zappalà
music Claude Debussy
dancers Alessandro Di Carlo, Linda Magnifico
on the 23rd december 1894, the extraordinary flute solo under the direction of Gustav Doret was received with grat enthusiasm. it was the beginning of the "Prélude à l’Aprés-midi d’un faune" by Claude Debussy. Mallarmé commented that it was an adequate illustration of his poem. In 1912 Vaslav Nijinsky choreographed Debussy’s music. Since then, there have been many versions by famous and unknown choreographers. The composer professed that his music was his personal vision of the poem. In fact, under the notes of Debussy, Mallarmé’s work, which was inspired b y the sicilian coast, lost its Mediterranean character, to be replaced by more sophisiticated score. As today my faune has lost its passion and erotic instinct to greater shyness and love of culture. No more silk scarves, just books, no more narcissus only maladjustment.

"An immense sense of measure in a choreography of little more than ten minutes, which does not know self praise or repetition" Carmelita Celi, La Sicilia