year 2006 duration 60'
Choreography and direction: Roberto Zappalà
Performer and collaborator:Wei Meng Poon
Original music/DJ: Dimitri de Perrot
Photos: Gianmaria Musarra

coproduced by compagnia zappalà danza, Fondazione Ocho y Medio (Ecuador),
Swiss Institute of Rome, Pro Helvetia, Scenario Pubblico (Italy),
Società Dante Alighieri of Quito (Ecuador), steptext dance project (Germany).
“Unhappy the land that needs Heros”. Bertold Brecht
With “1.incompiuto” Roberto Zappalà explores the conceptual territory of the incompleteness.
The gesture, the heroic deeds, the heroism as a necessity are the interpretative keys.
“Hard but fascinating work, “1.incompiuto”, the new creation of the Sicilian choreographer Roberto Zappalà. Hard because the whole performance is played only by one dancer, Wei Meng Poon. Fascinating because the dancer from Singapore is a charismatic presence which captures the audience attention, with his statuesque body and the quality of the movement… A stage filled with plenty of shoes, and many flashing images, lights falling from above as a shower jet, for example. But exhilarant is certainly the moment when the dancer appears huddled up, wrapped up in a plastic packing on which “chicken” is written, while the sound-track sends back the notes of the “Death of the Swan”…” (Sergio Trombetta (La Stampa – Turin)
“…with energy and precision the dancer Wei Meng Poon plays out this work of the Italian choreographer R.Zappalà, which deals with heroism and modern heroes through a very intense performance lasting more than one hour. The choreography evolves in many expressionist sequences, having great physical impact, and the body of the dancer becomes ductile and harmonious to evoke conflicting feelings, as if an illusion or a failure. The various segments soaked of dance, are enriched by strong theatrical and performing actions on a stage covered by hundreds of shoes and among them the dancer desperately fights evoking the desolate landscape of a fallen hero…” (El commercio – Guayaquil, Ecuador)